Signs it’s time to get your roof tiling repaired


Roof tiling repairs aren’t usually at the top of everyone’s to-do list. but they should be. We know to keep the inside of our houses up-to-scratch, but we often overlook exterior repairs until it’s too late. Keeping a roof over our heads is more than just a saying, so it’s important to keep on top of necessary cleaning and maintenance to keep both your property and its structuring free from long-term (and expensive) damage.

So, what are the most common indicators of needing roof repairs, and how can you identify them?


Curling shingles 

Do you know how old your roof is? Ten, maybe 20 years old? If your roof has had more birthdays than you can remember, it may be worth taking a look at it and seeing how the quality is doing. If your shingles are starting to curl, it’s definitely time to look into roof repairs. There are two ways this can happen: shingles can cup, with the edges turning upward; alternatively, they may claw – leaving the edges to stay flat, but the middle beginning to rise instead. This is usually a pretty reliant way of telling that trouble’s on its way. Out of this, the last thing you want to occur (but also the most common result) is a leaking roof. While they’re fixable, they can rack up a huge repair bill if left untreated for too long. Your best bet? If you notice curling shingles, get in touch with a professional to initiate roof tiling repairs quickly.


Cracked shingles 

Usually a tell-tale sign of wind damage, cracking shingles appear in an isolated area of the roof. If the problem involves a few shingles, it’s worth getting them replaced. If you notice that these cracks are not in one specific area, but are scattered all over the roof, this is usually a sign that your problem goes far beyond just a bit of weather damage.

When you see these indicators, it’s time to consider a roof replacement or repair – depending on the severity. During this period, it can also be worth considering the overall make and style of your roofing itself – if you’re opting for a full rehaul, you’ll have the flexibility to change the entire look of the final result, allowing you to choose metal roofing or alternatives to better suit your home.


Loose tiles

When you take a look at your roof, check if any of the tiles have become loose. Taking a few minutes to assess the area will give you an idea of the health of your tiling overall. If you notice more than a few loose or missing tiles, get in touch with experts (like ours) to kick-off much-needed roof tiling repairs, depending on its severity.

If you have a weak or severely damaged structure, there’s even potential for it to cave in, so it’s definitely something worth prioritising on your to-do list. While it may take a little bit of effort to keep an eye on what’s going on up above your home, it will grant you far more peace of mind and less stress by eliminating any potential for significant damage in the long-run.